Raising Black Angus Cattle

4 Important Steps In Raising Black Angus Cattle

cattle behaviorRaising Black Angus cattle is one of the most profitable forms of livestock farming. In the United States, no cattle breed is more popular as a beef breed than Black Angus. It has been favored over all other beef breeds because of its superior taste and texture, and satisfactorily fulfilling both of these requirements and a number of other conditions can allow those who raise such cattle to charge higher prices.

Raising Black Angus cattle will therefore involve more processes than usual, and a cattle grower must exercise due diligence if he or she wishes to profit from livestock that meets the strictest standards.

There are four major steps involved in raising Black Angus cattle:

1. First determine where and how your livestock will be housed for the long-term. Only two housing options are available for raising Black Angus cattle: roofed structures such as barns and sheds and open fields with the only cover being large enough trees. The type of housing to be used will depend mainly on the climate in your chosen area. You can do away with any form of shelter for your cattle if you live in the Southwest or other parts of the country where the climate is generally warm though it may be advisable to have a small roofed structure put up on your property to better protect sick animals from the elements.

2. Determine how you will feed and care for your livestock. Organic feeding and caring is more expensive and requires a larger space on your property than what traditional methods call for, but the absence of potentially harmful chemicals in the mix means your animals become considerably healthier than what is otherwise possible. Raising Black Angus cattle or any other form of livestock using organic methods translates into high-grade beef with the same desired taste and texture but without any unsafe additives. Also make sure that your cattle are constantly fed so they will always be in good condition. They should always have access to the food they need whether it’s a field for grazing or stocks of hay that are ideal during winter.

3. Even if it’s your first time to venture into Black Angus cattle, you should strive to get the best animals. Budget constraints will no doubt prevent you from buying an adequate number of the healthiest cattle available. Still, you can ultimately get more value out of your initial investment if you start your farm with even just a few cows. Artificial insemination has made breeding easier, and it is more affordable compared to keeping a full-sized bull for a whole year but having him mingle with your cows less than half the time.

4. Monitor your herd closely even if it’s composed of only a few cattle. This will allow you to adjust the amount of food and care whenever necessary to ensure your herd will neither starve nor eat excessively. This will also enable you to identify symptoms of illness among your herd at the earliest and have them treated.

Raising Black Angus cattle offers a bit of a challenge compared to raising other breeds of cattle, but the extra effort and investment can be overshadowed by the potential returns.



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