Raising Beef Cattle

Raising Beef Cattle - Sources Where You Can Buy Cattle With value For Money

raising beef cattleMarket reports are provided on the radio and can be checked on a daily basis, along with local auction market prices on the Internet. Following the market for a couple of weeks before you purchase will help you insure that you are paying a fair price for your cattle. If you have done your homework it will assist you in purchasing at a fair price whether you purchase from a local auction or an individual.

Within Utah there are also livestock auction markets in certain municipalities. Here livestock producers bring their animals and exhibit them through an auction ring and sold to the highest bidder. It is a system where potential buyers and sellers are brought together and a fair price established. In order to determine what may be fair, however, the potential buyer must have some idea of local market conditions and a predetermined animal type that they wish to purchase.

Market prices are quoted on the basis of the weight and sex of the animal sold. Generally nothing is reported about the condition or quality of the animals.

The correct size for your enterprise.

If you want stocker cattle to put on grass, calves that weigh less than 450 pounds perform poorly on grass pasture. If cattle weigh over 750 pounds in the spring, they should not be fed on pasture. It is recommended that they be placed in a confined situation and fed a higher proportion of concentrate feeds, such as barley or corn. Make sure you have animals that fit your enterprise before you start raising beef cattle.



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