How To Raise Dairy Cattle

How To Raise Dairy Cattle - 4 Key Requirements

Are you looking for guides on how to raise dairy cattle? If so, then you are not alone, there are lots of other people who want to get their share in the lucrative business of dairy farming. If you are still thinking about going ahead with your endeavor, then you should consult this short guide on the major requirements that you need to have before you even think about getting your first few heads of dairy cattle.

Do You Have Enough Land?

Even though dairy cows are kept most of the time in barns and other types of shelters, they do need to graze in a pasture for a couple of hours a day to feed on fresh grass. And on average, one dairy cow needs around an acre to an acre and a half of grazing pasture to produce healthy amounts of milk. So, take note of how much land you can use for your dairy cows, this will make it easier for you to figure out how many cows you can manage.

Have You Put Up A Sturdy Fence Around Your Pasture?

Another thing to keep in mind on how to raise dairy cattle is that cows may seem timid, but they are very destructive eaters. So to prevent your herd from straying into your neighbor's garden, it is best that you put a strong fence around their pasture. Usually a simple fence made of wooden posts buried deep in the ground and then strung up with barbed wire is enough to keep these lumbering beasts from straying too far, but just to be sure, you may want to use an electrified fence to really keep your cows within your property.

Do You Know of A Reputable Breeder Where You Can Get Healthy Calves?

Another tip on how to raise dairy cattle is that you should raise from calves, because they will be more accustomed to their environment and thus produce more milk, but you should not just get your dairy cow calves just anywhere. You need to get your first batch of cows from a reputable breeder so that you can be sure they are healthy and will produce a lot of quality milk.

Can You Afford the Monthly Expenses?

One important thing that you will learn on how to raise dairy cattle is that they are expensive to keep. Besides their feed and water, of which they will be needing a lot especially in the winter months when grass is scarce, you will also need to have them checked by a veterinarian regularly, maintenance of their shelter, and you also need to invest in milking apparatus. Hand-milking cows is back breaking work, and if you have more than a three cows it will take you the better part of the day to finish them all.

These are just some of the important things that you need to know on how to raise dairy cattle, if you cannot manage every one of these things, then it is best that you find another type of livestock to raise. Raising cattle, whether for milk or meat, is the most laborious of all the types of livestock; but if you manage to fulfill all of these requirements then you can possibly make a lot of money from your cattle.


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