Cattle Farm Business Plan

The 4 Simple Steps In Developing A Cattle Farm Business Plan

A cattle farm business plan is necessary if you want to make money from growing this type of livestock made special because of the many purposes it serves. The cattle you provide must always be in good health and this is possible only by way of a farm or any other facility that ideally has everything they need. A farm with all the amenities needed by cattle is one of the results of a well-conceived business plan. Another result is giving the business itself the ability to endure even the worst conditions, physical or otherwise, to guarantee continued income for any owner. With agriculture in general becoming more complex due to rising costs, changing technologies, and evolving markets, a cattle farmer must have a viable business plan that will enable him or her to make the most out of any situation faced by the business.

You can come up with a doable cattle farm business plan by following these steps:

1. Brainstorming is the first step in creating a plan for any type of business whether it involves manufacturing or distribution. Before you can come up with a cattle farm business plan, you must first have a clear idea of the long-term goals you wish to achieve in operating your cattle farm. Bear in mind, however, that profit is a requirement, not a goal, of every business. You can’t have a business without profit so your goals have to go beyond simply making money.

2. Identify everything that could have an impact, significant or otherwise, on your planned cattle farm. These could be internal factors that you can manage such as your choice of cattle and the scope of your operations or external factors over which you have no control such as weather and prevailing market conditions. Know your present capability and make it a point to build up on your limitations until you are able to operate unassisted. Read books and articles on livestock farming and the associated trends so that you have a better idea of how the market behaves at a specific point in time and adapt to it accordingly.

3. Establish your strategy, which is essentially your general plan of achieving your goals in light of your current capability and all factors affecting your business. This should include a vision detailing what you want your cattle farm to have achieved 5 to 10 years from when you will begin; and a mission outlining what the business must do in a broader sense to achieve that vision. The strategy is usually the first part of your cattle farm business plan per se to make it on paper because you cannot determine what your actual business activities will be unless you have a strategy to guide you.

4. Have a defined operations plan. This part of your cattle farm business plan describes all the daily activities that differentiate a cattle farm from any other business. Include everything from animal care to crop supply management. The operations plan must also indicate in detail all other business activities that are in support of production. These include but are not limited to marketing activities to make potential customers aware of your business, financing activities wherein you monitor your money and make sure it all goes where it needs to, and quality control that ensures all finished products are good enough for others’ consumption.

As with any other type of business plan, a cattle farm business plan may require revisions, either in part or in full, in case you’re not making any real progress toward your goals.



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